Complete Bonus Songs - Elvis Presley (1983)

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A1 I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 1:34
A2 Love Me Tonight 1:53
A3 Slowly But Surely 2:11
A4 Echoes Of Love 2:36
A5 (It's A) Long Lonely Highway 2:19
A6 You'll Be Gone 2:21
A7 Animal Instinct 2:11
B1 Wisdom Of The Ages 1:53
B2 Sand Castles 2:57
B3 Tomorrow Is A Long Time 5:19
B4 Down In The Alley 2:48
B5 I'll Remember You 2:42
B6 It Won't Be Long 1:45
C1 Never Ending 1:59
C2 Blue River 2:10
C3 What Now, What Next, Where To 1:57
C4 Guitar Man 2:19
C5 How Can You Lose What You Never Had 2:25
C6 Big Boss Man 2:51
C7 Singing Tree 2:18
D1 Just Call Me Lonesome 2:05
D2 Five Sleepyheads 1:28
D4 Western Union 2:09
D5 Mine 2:35
D6 Going Home 2:22
D7 Suppose 2:01