James Bond Collection - V/A (1972)

Near mint
Near mint


United Artists


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2 LP, Book


A1    James Bond Theme    1:45
A2    Kingston Calypso    2:42
A3    Under The Mango Tree    2:20
A4    James Bond Is Back    2:24
A5    Girl In Trouble    2:37
A6    The Golden Horn    2:28
A7    Death Of Grant    2:00
A8    From Russia With Love    2:35
B1    Goldfinger Into Miami    3:14
B2    Auric's Factory    2:28
B3    Bond Back In Action Again    2:29
B4    Goldfinger    2:22
B5    The Death Of Goldfinger    2:34
B6    Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang    2:48
B7    007    2:30
C1    Thunderball    3:56
C2    Bond Below Disco Volante    4:12
C3    Mountains And Sunsets    3:06
C4    Capsule In Space    2:39
C5    A Drop Into The Ocean    2:15
D1    Main Theme On Her Majesty's Secret Service    2:33
D2    We Have All The Time In The World    3:08
D3    Journey To Blofeld's Hideaway    3:40
D4    Moon Buggy Ride    3:12
D5    Bond Smells A Rat    1:51
D6    Circus, Circus    2:57
D7    Diamonds Are Forever    2:40